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Hotel Isolabella - piscina idromassaggio

Wellness Centre SPA

Discover our wellness&beauty SPA
In the heart of Trentino, a real wellness Island! Discover this exclusive world of 350 square metres:whirlpool, Mediterranean and Turkish bath, Finnish sauna and ice room, kneipp path and an elegant relaxing area.

Forget all your worries and indulge yourself in romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Softened sounds, sweet scents and warm steam jets… You will feel far away from the hotel, in the island of your dreams.


The paradise of wellness in Trentino: your senses will be tickled throughout all your holiday. Set your mind free in the sauna area and you will be swept away by special emotions… Your worries and routine will be far away from you!

ISOLAWELLNESS… a place of wellbeing…

  • MINIPOOL WITH WHIRLPOOL AND BABY POOL FOR KIDS: effervescence and warm water jets for a beneficial relax
  • EXPERIENCE SHOWERS: fascinating water jets, aromatherapy and chromotherapy which attracts and amaze
  • MEDITERRANEAN BATH: the mild temperature, the thin steam and the essential oil will softly envelop your body… for a unique well-being experience (temperature 45-50°C and 55-65% umidity)
  • TURKISH BATH: a full immersion in steam to encourage the removal of toxins and impurity (temperature 45-48°C and 100% umidity).
  • FINNISH SAUNA: high temperatures quickly heat and naturally purify your body and relax your muscles(temperature 90°C 20% umidity).
  • FRIGIDARIUM (ICE ROOM): the strength and freshness of water for an immediate energy sensation
  • KNEIPP PAHT: the alternation of cold and hot water tone up your tissue and improve your blood circulation
  • RELAX&MUSIC AREA: a pleasant and relaxing moment
  • RELAX AND SUNBATHING: during the summer season, you can spend some of your time in our lovely garden, to set your mind free and let the sun warm and caress your body and your soul


From 10.00 to 13.00 (only on demand; at least 10 people)
Every day from 14.30 to 19.00
From 19.00 to 22.00 (only on demand; at least 10 people)


From 10.00 to 13.00 (only on demand)
Every day from 14.30 to 19.30


For all the hotel guests, the access to the wellness centre ISOLAWELLNESS is included in the room price. Our wellness and beauty centre is also open to the public. Fares are the following:

  • Access to the SPA: € 20, towel included
  • 10 access ticket: € 130
  • Bathrobe and flip-flops: € 10
  • Kids and teenagers
    • 0 – 5 years old: € 5
    • 6 – 14 years old: € 10



For all the hotel guests, the access to our wellness centre is free, but we would like to remind you that it is a place of peace and quiet. You can reach the wellness area, situated at -1 floor, with our panoramic lift.


You should access our Spa wearing your bathrobe and towel that you can find in your room at your arrival.
At the reception it is possible to buy flip-flops (€ 5 each pair) and to ask for a towel or bathrobe changing (€ 5 each)


Kids who obviously like playing with water do not get on very well with people who spend their time at the spa to relax themselves. For this reason, kids under the age of 14 can only access the water area if they are accompanied and supervised by adults.


  • Kids under the age of 14 are not admitted in the sauna area
  • Before entering you must have a shower and do the disinfection
  • For hygienic reasons, you should wear your bathing costume and you must use your towel in the sauna area
  • We would like to inform you that in the sauna area you could find naked people
  • Your pet/pets cannot access the wellness area
  • In our pool diving is forbidden
  • We kindly ask you to respect the silence of our wellness area
  • In case of fever, angina, epilepsy we advice people NOT to enter the sauna. In case of varicose vain, heart desease or blood circulation problems we advice to use the sauna cautiously


A wellness voucher is a special gift for every event. For your convenience, wellness vouchers can be ordered over the phone and then hand over to the recipient as agreed.


To improve our service, we advice to book your treatment in advance, before your arrival at our hotel. To satisfy every single need, we suggest customized wellness packages according to your personal desire (with at least 4 treatments, discount 10% on the total amount).


If you cancel your appointment 18 hours before doing it, you will not pay your treatment. Otherwise, we will charge you 50% of the total cost.


Isolawellness Brochure