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Primiero San Martino di Castrozza - palazzo delle miniere

Palazzo Miniere

“Palazzo delle miniere” (also called “Palazzo del Dazio”) is in Fiera di Primiero and nowadays it housesexhibitions about traditional activities. It is a Gothic, Tyrolean-style building, dating back to mid V century (and afterwards renovated). It houses an ethnographical museum, run by the history and culture centre of Primiero. The building of wall and loophole ehnaced the importance of the person who lived there: theBergrichter, who was the judge in charge of the silver and copper mines and the forest of Primiero.
The tour is organized in three different levels: the mezzanine is dedicated to smiths, carpenters,saddlers, chair makers and also to spinning and weaving, general items for domestic use, haymakingand growing of vegetables and dairy farming. On the first and second floor you can admire objects used in the mining activity and the works of the engineer Luigi Negrelli, who designed many railways and was the project manager of Suez Channel.